Virgo vision and mission in Turkey :

We strive to achieve the call center business through the deployment and utilization of cutting edge technology that complements a world standard working environment that is supervised by an experienced and dedicated management team.

We are looking to be a fully dedicated outsourcing call center in Turkey. We offer our clients most of the benefits of a call center, while eliminating the difficulties and expense of setting up and maintaining their own in-house facility. This frees up their resources, which in turn increases their focus on refining and developing their core business practices.

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Vision and mission

Starting Business Scale

Launching capacity
Human resources

HR Procedures
Hiring Procedures
Training and Skills Enhancement
Operations and workflow

Data and Operations - Security and Sustenance
Monitoring supervision and quality control
Retrospect Evaluation and Analysis
Scope of Work

Scope of Work
Responsibilities and Obligation of both parties
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