Hiring Procedures :

Our hiring procedures are extensive and strict. we believe in hiring agents with excellent potential and aptitude, who possess a wide variety of skill sets and thus could easily be optimized to our client’s specific needs. Due to the extensive and continuous investment made in the training of our agents, we prefer long term relationships with our agents, thus cementing our quality assurance and decreasing costs on the long run. We have the advantage of offering white collar employees willing and content to work as call centre agents. The pool from which we initiate our screening procedures is usually highly competitive, and thus we as an employer are afforded the opportunity to build the best possible team at the most cost effective price. Our hiring procedures
Are split into four distinct phases. It starts with the pre‐screening of all CSV’s and this process is executed according to strict guidelines. The next phase deals with the interview process, which is performed by multiple people, on several meetings,
Depending on the application. Following this, we project the selected candidates to a
series of tests, both simulated and real world, in order to test their mettle against the
Actual work environment. Finally once the prospective candidate has passed the
selection procedures, the actual hiring of the employee commences and his
remuneration and overall package are offered. In the Appendix HR, each phase is described in more detail, and the procedures pertinent to each.

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