Scope of Work :

Establishing and operating an inbound call center, to serve our sister companies and customers.

1. All calls will be integrated through our ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
    And channeled depending on the criteria previously allocated
• Customer segmentation
• Call priority handling
• Ideal agent
• Number of rings
• Longest time waiting, etc.

2. Based on the above the customers will be either be; put on queue, listen to the prearranged greeting and/or the promotion on hand or will be automatically directed to the ideal agent immediately.

3. The agent will firstly greet the customer with a welcome greeting then take the requested order.

4. If the call is an inquiry, the agent will be able to relay all prices and products or services using the subsequent information from the script available.

5. If the call is a complaint. The agent will open a ticket and process the problem, The customer will be given the ticket number, incase of any future disputes or complaints and in order to follow up.

6. After ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the call, the agent will close the ticket and the system will update the client history record instantaneously.
    Illustrating the content of the conversation for future use in customer requirements and frequently asked question.

7. The agent will then wrap up the call with our customer.

8. If the call is an order, it orders will be automatically dispatched to the nearest branch based on the client geographical location.

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Scope of Work
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