Training and Skills Enhancement :

As previously mentioned, the recruitment process is a means identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our staff highlighting their competency and aptitude levels in all of the various skills that are required for the provision of a ‘Grade A’ service. By identifying the gaps in between the agent’s skill levels and the required standard training becomes a process of fine‐tuning and honing of the agent’s skills. Training courses for Agents are all conducted in house and include:

• Computer Application Literacy
• Proactive customer satisfaction
• Becoming a more effective listener
• Asking more effective questions
• Asking open and close ended questions
• Non .visual communication techniques: words, tone and voice
• Taking and recording accurate data
• Controlling and regaining control of a call
• Emotional Leakage avoidance
• Hard and irate call handling

Some clients request a part of the training be carried out at their premises in order to expose the agents to the culture, tone and feel of the company; this is recommended
if economical. Otherwise orienting the agents with the Products, Services and Frequently Asked Questions of the client is normally conducted with the Content being provided by the client. A representative of the client firm is often
Available for troubleshooting and clarification in the testing phase.

Project managers and senior management of the firm are sent to trade shows and on training course on a regular basis in order to keep their skills, knowledge of the relevant technologies, and management techniques on par with global standards of excellence.

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