Reporting :

Reporting mechanisms are designed to Inform, Assess, Improve and Advance the performance of the service and identify and exploit potential synergies with the rest of the client organization. This is accomplished by:

• Improving the quality, performance and integrity of the clients service
• Providing top management with the reports that they need and want
• Merging customer service data with other enterprise data sources
• Reducing time and costs with the centralized administration and configuration of the client’s customer service mechanism.
• Uncovering errors and broken links in the clients existing workflow
• Maximizing the ROI of marketing campaigns
• Improving the general customer experience
• Increasing awareness hence driving more customers to the clients service
• Increasing cross selling success

Standard Reports:

• Call Accounting
• Call Management Systems
• Database and Processing

Call Accounting

• Call time
• Call duration
• Peak hours
• Peak days
• Identifies the caller and which agent answered (in bound)
• Call destination
• Results of call

Call Management Systems

• Number of flow out – non-answered calls and reason
• Number of rings before answering
• Average rings before call answering
• Average call duration
• Longest and shortest call duration
• Peak hours in details.

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