Services :

Help Desk and Customer Service :
   Both Technical support and Customer Care support for our client products and services.
   (24 / 7 / 365)

Order handling and processing :
   Our agents can be commissioned to take product orders and answer frequently asked questions or complaints.
   Collected data can be routed to our client head office or branch, conveying all daily statistics and reports.
   (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Over Flow :
   Handling the client excess calls during peak hours, after hours or weekends.

Specific Information queries :
   Using our client database, answering the caller query, this service mostly related for pricing, briefing, contact details and quick details queries.

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Vision and mission

Starting Business Scale

Launching capacity
Human resources

HR Procedures
Hiring Procedures
Training and Skills Enhancement
Operations and workflow

Data and Operations - Security and Sustenance
Monitoring supervision and quality control
Retrospect Evaluation and Analysis
Scope of Work

Scope of Work
Responsibilities and Obligation of both parties
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