Responsibilities and Obligation of both parties :

• Virgo Obligations :

1. To provide it’s Client with the best possible service.

2. To provide the required training for all staff dedicated for the project (When required).

3. To prepare agent scripting with its client project manager (If required).

4. To present all needed reports and documentation as agreed with its client.

5. To dedicate the necessary number of agents, and management to fulfill the requirements set out by its client (If required).

6. To provide its client with a separate database (If required) and dedicated phone number exclusive to the client.

7. To insure confidentiality of information provided by and for its client.

8. To assign a project manager to handle all aspects of the project.

9. To meet its client targets.

10. To act in accordance to the client code of ethics.

• Virgo Client Obligations :

1. Publicize the allocated number for the project.

2. Provide Virgo with a soft copy of the Client database.

3. To prepare agent scripting with Virgo Call Center manager.

4. To provide Virgo with detailed products and pricing and services.

5. To provide Virgo agents with the needed training to acquaint them with various client products and general information to complete the task at hand successfully.

6. To approve Client recommended Procedures and reports.

7. To designate a project manager to deal with Client project manager on daily basis (If required).

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Scope of Work
Responsibilities and Obligation of both parties
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