Retrospect Evaluation and Analysis :

This is a process whereby data collected through different intervals, is then analyzed for specific quantifiable measurements.
Through a combination of statistical data and qualitative analysis, every component of our operation and performance is measured and compared on a regular basis to ensure constant improvement of QC standards, Operational processes and Efficiency maximization.

• Agents

Agent performance is monitored primarily through three aspects

A. Statistics
1- Total Calls Handled
2- Ratio of Online/Auxiliary time
3- AVG Talk time/ Call
4- No. of overtime Hours served

B. Evaluation Sheet Analysis (Based on standardized Scoring system)
1- Communication Statistics
2- Technical Statistics
3- Monthly Training Evaluation Sheet
4- Performance in Monthly training (Qualitative)
5- Training Evaluation Forms

• Supervisor

Supervisor performance is of the utmost importance, as they serve as the quality barometer of the company. Supervisor evaluations are carried out by the project manager and are dependant on four sources of data.

A. Statistics
1- Total Calls Handled by Supervisor’s Team
2- AVG Call time/Team
3- Number of Man Hours/Team
4- Number of Absentees
5- Number of Trainings/Month

B. Agent Evaluation Forms (Distributed & Collected by Project Manager directly)
1- Standardized scoring for Agents Analysis
2- Qualitative Analysis based on Agents Remarks

C. Agent Training Evaluation
Mentioned before.

D. Project Manager Evaluation
1- Standardized scoring of Evaluation
2- Recommendations to Operation Manager on status of Supervisor

• Project Manager

The Operations Manager oversees the performance of all the Project Managers.
The only quantifiable analysis of project managers is the percent service level for each shift and for the project.
The rest is a qualitative analysis by the Operations Manager.

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