Data and Operations - Security and Sustenance :

The Technical Integrity of all data is maintained utilizing various methods, depending on the volume and nature of the data.

• Taking the appropriate backup measures, employing a variety of media to suit the customer’s needs and requests.

• Irrespective, we conducts, total on premises data backups, twice daily to Ensure the safety of all data related to fluid operational continuity.

• Human error, embezzlement and fraud are circumvented through the implementation of both technical and human solutions.

• Protecting the data from external factors in handled using:
- Hardware (firewall).
- Software solutions (firewalls and the most stringent and up to date anti-virus software, definitions, controls and procedures), Protection from internal misconduct is integral in our entire operational system.
This is accomplished by the use of thin clients used by the agents that do not allow data replication of any kind.

• Supported by controls that block uploading and downloading of files, thus limiting data transfer.

• Access to the server room is limited to two people, the IT and Telecommunications director and the Call Center Manager.

• 24 hour physical premises security using:
- Monitored electronic access cards.
- Two tier, round the clock human security.

• Power sustenance is insured employing three levels of control.
- A three stage UPS to cover short period power failures.
- A 75 Kilowatt Generator to ensure continuous undisturbed operation in case of long term power failure.
- And an electronic current stabilizer to guard against energy fluctuations from the source.

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Data and Operations - Security and Sustenance
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