HR Procedures :

Our dedication to quality begins and ends with our agents. In pursuit of the highest possible standards in the industry, our organization has realized that hiring the best potential calibers and developing their skills continuously ensures a service level par excellence. This philosophy is translated into an action plan that requires two distinct responsibilities from the Human Resources department. The first and most scrutinized aspect concerns the screening, selection and hiring procedures of us. The second deals with the training and positive re-enforcement of all the agents. This document will attempt to summarize the complete HR manual and specifically highlight the discipline and philosophy behind our quality centric goals.

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Vision and mission

Starting Business Scale

Launching capacity
Human resources

HR Procedures
Hiring Procedures
Training and Skills Enhancement
Operations and workflow

Data and Operations - Security and Sustenance
Monitoring supervision and quality control
Retrospect Evaluation and Analysis
Scope of Work

Scope of Work
Responsibilities and Obligation of both parties
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